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Posted by isabel on 13 February, 2018
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Hey guys! today, to cheer up the week,  we are going to talk you about a trend that is increasingly booming in our city and that is already consolidated in several cities in the world.

Your are probably wondering what this is about…nothing less than coworking spaces that now you wil be able to find in the capital thanks to no*mad concept.


In this website, you can find you little workplace, far away from the conventionalism of and old fashion office, and following your interest, desirable location and budget, always to take in consideration!

And, why they came with this idea? because, as they can perfectly explain, millenial generation we are “hispters” we want to take risk and be entrepreneurs, express our ideas, share them, and we want to make all theses things in the most ecofriendly enviromet possible.

New generations, we are more concern with the enviroment, we recycle, we love to share our experiences through internet, we dont like to put limits to the spaces, we resell what we do not use and buy small treasures from those who no longer want them.

Definitely, we have made a change of 180º in order to achieve a better and more sustainable world.



And this change of vision has had a significant impact in the world of work. We look for a flexibility that  large companies do not ussually offer, a space where we can let our imagination fly and share our know-how with other nomads like us (enterpreneus, freelance, teleworkers, SMEs) from different sectors and with different visions, that means, creating networking.

And how can you find you little workplace? in their website or throught their app, comfortably from where you want. You just have to filter by your interests: city, hours/days/months, prize, location, etc. and they will inmediatly give you the options that will best suit your demand . That easy!



Do not doubt it,  make the city your office!

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